HORTGRO is committed to bettering the agricultural communities. We strive to do this via these programmes:

HORTGRO Bursary Programme

The HORTGRO Bursary Scheme currently has 17 undergraduate bursary students and one post-graduate student studying in various aspects of agriculture.  These bursaries are funded through HORTGRO’s Bursary Fund augmented with grants from Agriseta.

A total amount of R 792 500 was invested in the bursary programme during the past financial year (2016). In addition a further 41 post-gradates and PhD students were involved in various research projects via HORTGRO Science at a value of a further R1.7 million.

Health & Safety Training

In 2016 a total of 575 agricultural workers were trained as basic first aid officers, health & safety representatives and as members of health & safety committees.

Health & safety is an important aspect in any business and the aim of this programme is to enable farm-workers to identity risk factors before it becomes a safety hazard.

Basic first aid empowers workers to act fast in the case of emergencies and also providing them with tools to treat and understand minor cases.

Farm Worker Wellness Programmes

The wellness programme focused on financial wellness, interpersonal skills, substance dependency and effective parenting.

These programmes help to empower employees with life skills in order to minimise social problems and to better their circumstances.

A total of 1 788 individuals received training, with a further 5 364 indirect beneficiaries on the 14 farms, that were serviced during 2016.

The need for the continuation of the wellness programmes remains high and alternative sources of funding will be sought going forward.

The objective is to get support from all the growers who hopefully will see this as a start for continuous social support services on farms.

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